Monday, June 05, 2006


Hi friends,

Well, today has been interesting! We now know that 4 children will be made available to our agency for placement by Thursday. Three of them are girls under the age of three, and one is a little 5 year old boy!

Our director sent us the 5 year old boy's picture (she doesn't have pics of the girls). He just looks sweet as can be! It looks as if the other family may wait for a younger boy, but we aren't sure yet. If the other family waits for a younger boy this little boy will be made available to us. Now, we had planned on 4 being our upper age range for Caynan, but as long as this little guy is younger than Taevy I think we will seriously pray about him becoming our son. It's so exciting!

Also, the family that is before us on the waiting list only plans to adopt 2 of the 3 little girls who are becoming available, which means we will see at least one little girl referral ourselves this week! We are praying about whether "under 3" is enough of a "baby" for me, but have faith that the Lord will direct our path.

More soon...