Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bad News =-(

I just found out that the adoption process for Ghana is going to take around 6 months intead of around 3 months. I am so bummed about this. It's not that we can't wait for the children (although that will be excruciatingly difficult). Rather, it's that I have been praying this whole time that regardless of whatever delays we encounter our children are home by Christmas.

Waiting through Christmas for Taevy was so horrible. It was the worst Christmas ever. I will never forget sitting on my stepdad's recliner Christmas morning, listening to all of the happiness going on in the kitchen, and bawling my eyes out as I wrote in the adoption journal to my across-the-ocean baby. I missed her so badly. She was my daughter, and yet she wasn't.

It will probably be the same now for Kendi and Caynan--a stocking hung on the fire place but no child to take it down. One ornament for their "First Christmas" in our hearts and one ornament for their "First Christmas" in our family. Oh--and I just remembered the adorable little Christmas outfit I bought for the baby (boy or girl) for this Christmas (bought on clearance this spring).

Oh you all I am SO sad. This is the first really big disappointment for me. I feel like the wind has been blown out of me. I know that the Lord is in control. I do. And I'll get over this. I guess I just need to have a bit of a pity party first. =-) Please pray for me in the next few days. I was already trying to adjust to not having the kids here until mid-Autumn, but it's a whole new ball game to think that they might not be here until February of next year.

So sad,


Christina 1:35 PM  

I'm sorry Anita. It's so hard when the wait is stretched out - especially when we've already set up our expectations. I wanted Zeeb home by his birthday and now I think we'll be lucky to have him home by the end of summer.
The good thing is, at least you know now, before you even get your referral, so you can adjust your expectations and think "February" from the very moment you see their faces. Christmas really wasn't so bad for me this time because I did not have the expectation that Zeeb would be home by then.
But do feel free to have your pity party - I really think they help sometimes!