Monday, June 19, 2006

Still Hanging In There

Hi All,

Well, I'm still hanging in there. Sometimes I feel okay about all of the changes that have occured with OUR plans that must be more in line with GOD'S plans, and other times I still fight that darn earthly disappointment. It continues to be so difficult to think about our Kendi and Caynan not joining us until next year. But we can take joy in the fact that we will have one more more autumn...and probably one more holiday season to thoroughly enjoy Taevy and Samren. Maybe Taevy's tender heart just needs more time to fully be ready to welcome her new siblings? There are so many reason's it could be the Lord's will for things to be this way!

Both sets of our parents seemed particularly upset about the extra 3 months we'll be waiting, which kind of took me by surprise! Eric's mom in particular asked if we could stop the adoption and get our money back because things didn't go as they said they would. Well of course that isn't a thought in our minds. There is no thought that Ghana isn't where our children are. And we don't feel "jipped" by our agency either. We knew that there were likely to be many twists and turns because we decided to go with a brand new, and unproven program. We tried to explain this to our parents, who are understandably disappointed for us and themselves. Nobody likes to wait. =-)

I want to say thank you to April and Christina for your kinds words of support and encouragement. April, the e-card turned me into a blubbering mess!!! LOL! And Christina it is good to know that I'm not walking this path alone. I do pray that there are no more delays in bringing home Zeeb. You have waited long enough!

Our agency director is in Haiti until the 30th so we don't expect to hear much between now and then. Hmphh!

Love, Anita


Momto13 4:57 PM  

I am keeping you and your family in my prayers my dear friend. I understand that the waiting can be OH SO HARD! God's timing will just be perfect for you all! I checked out your new blog for T. and S. and I LOVE IT! I look forward to seeing more. :)
Many Blessings and much love,

Anita and Family 9:36 PM  

Thank you my friend Sarah. You know I'm down in the dumps when I feel envious of you holding that sweet baby in your arms all day! I know what a "price" you have paid to have her near you. I can't wait until we can both share lazy relaxed pictures of our kids once everybody is home for good!