Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Same Song, Different Verse

Hello friends,

It's funny. I happened to catch the overall "mood" of my last several entry titles tonight. What a downer I am! They are all such doom and gloom titles! I apologize for being so down in the dumps lately. Whew--I forgot how hard this process is on the emotions. To top it off, when I am feeling down the thing that helps me feel better is to journal my thoughts, so those of you reading this blog get the gunk that I'm feeling because I've got to put it somewhere!

I wish there were something new to share with you. I am so frustrated by the wait right now. I am ready to see some pictures ya'll! If we've got to wait six months to get these kids home I'd rather get the referrals done so that we can start that six month count down to their homecoming!

The same family that was trying to decide which children to adopt last week, is still waiting to make their decision this week. They are still waiting for the attorney in Ghana to forward them specific details about the children. In addition the attorney in Ghana is *supposed* to be sending some boy referrals "soon." What I'm constantly reminded of is "soon" in Ghana is not "soon" enough in America! Even after the boy referrals arrive our family will still need to wait for the first family to choose their boy before we will FINALLY get to consider the children that are still available.

It's frustrating to me that this part is taking so long. I long to see those pictures! I wouldn't even need details--give me a name and a birth date and I'm good to go! LOL! But I understand that the other family needs more than that so I shall try to keep the tiny shread of patience left in me in control of the rest of the raving lunatic that threatens to take over my body any minute!

There's likely to be little or no information coming in until July since our agency director is in Haiti so I might as well buckle down and get ready for another two weeks of "time trials."

Thanks for letting me vent. I promise to post happy things when something happy happens! That's just the way it goes in intl adoption. And I think that's why I cherish my children so much once they are home.

Love, Anita