Saturday, July 29, 2006

Friday was a Fun day!

I had promised the kids an "out and about" day earlier in the week and it was time for me to pay up (even though I didn't really feel like being "out and about" with my two and the two toddlers I watch). Nevertheless, we went garage-saling, found a few great deals on brand new shoes (originally $59 and $79 but I go them for $7.50 each pair!).

After a few hours of the heat we began to head home but the kids insisted that we hadn't been "out and about" nearly enough yet. "Can we go visit Grandma G. PLEASE?" Okay kids. So we head over to my mother-in-law's house. I love her so much (as do our children and the two toddlers I watch) but I had my feelings just a bit hurt and didn't really feel like a visit at that moment.

You see, I called my MIL late Wednesday night to tell her our good news about Caynan and to share that we had sent the picture for them to see on email. I expected her to get off of the phone, look at the picture, and immediately call us back exclaiming his immense cuteness (and it is immense! LOL!). After all, that's what *my* mom would have done. But not my MIL. I didn't hear back from her that night, nor did I hear from her and my FIL at all on Thursday. By Friday morning I felt like they must not think Caynan was cute, or were disappointed that he isn't a baby, or, or, or (you know how the mind works).

So we get to her house and one of the first things she does is go on and on and ON about how incredibly gorgeous Caynan is! Ha! She just thinks he is "the cutest thing ever!" and that he must be "all boy" because of that mischevious look he has. I don't need my MIL's approval, but it sure is good to have! I love that she thinks he is as cute as we do. Heck, she may think he is MORE cute that we do! She did say at one point, "and Kendi is cute too", but I think that she has a special weakness for puffy-cheeked boys. Our Samren was puffy-cheeked too. =-)

Friday was a fun day, with a happy ending.

P.S. For your viewing enjoyment I have attached Caynan's pic and a pic of our son Samren at about the same age. My hubby, my MIL and my FIL all insist that Samren and Caynan resemble each other in the face. Who would have thought that a SE Asian kid and a West African kid could resemble each other! LOL!