Saturday, July 29, 2006

Now to "the girls!"

I just love saying that! "The Girls!" My girls!!!

Last night Eric shared with me that he would really like for the girls to have matching bedding. Yee-haw! He didn't have to talke me in to that one! LOL! But Eric, practical as always did give me a rather limited budget--no more than $40 per girl total. I took on the challenge!

I spent the time after the kids went to bed last night searching the internet for the best bedding deals and must have literally looked at 1000 different bedding options. The plan for today (Saturday) was to get up early and go to 8 different local stores to comparison shop. I wasn't going to buy anything until I had seen everything. Famous last words.

Wal-mart was my first stop of the day. Taevy and I walked in and immediately saw a bedding set that we both liked that was only $29.99. It included comforter, sheets, sham, pillow case, and dust ruffle--can't beat that! But remember, I was set on comarison shopping darn it! =-) We walked off without the set to do some other shopping, but before we left my better judgement took hold and we went back to scoop up those precious bedding sets!

It was so fun setting up Kendi's bed today, and making Taevy's room into "the girl's room." What's funny is that we don't have a matress for Kendi yet so what's actually under all that bedding is the box spring to Taevy's matress. Oh well. I still had to put it together. Nobody would ever call me patient.

It was a GOOD shopping day! In addition to the bedding Wal-Mart also had booster seats on sale for $15 (with girly patterns) so I bought one for Taevy and Taevy's booster seat with back will go to Caynan. We'll wait to buy Kendi's until we know how big or small she is--I have a feeling she won't be big enough for a booster seat.

Then we bought underwear, and pjs and a few other essentials for Kendi and Caynan. Probably doesn't sound like exciting shopping to you all, but this is the BEST kid of shopping to me! This is the kind of shopping that says YES we really are bringing home two more kids! No, it's not just a dream (like the two little outfits I bought for our imagined soon-to-be-baby that never was to be).

I am nesting like a crazy woman right now and catch myself getting all emotional over the silliest things. It's starting to look like 4 kids live here now, except they don't. So I'm starting to feel the emptiness that is left in our home without Kendi and Caynan. I know it sounds weird. But it's all part of the heart connection that I know the Lord is knitting between me and our new children. If you have to be sad, being sad because you love and miss your kids is the best reason! All part of the miracle of adoption.