Sunday, July 30, 2006

"No Sacrifice"

I was *so* blessed by our worship service this morning! Our praise and worship portion of the service usually goes at least an hour, so we have LOTS of time to get into a person place of worship and really receive what the Lord has for us to hear.

As I was worshipping the Lord gave me this wonderful vision! It wasn't like when you imagine things you want to see. It was a vision. It seemed as if He was making an affirmation and a promise to me. It was simple. It was just a vision of us holding Kendi and Caynan in our arms, in the midst of our congregation as we were singing and praising the Lord. Eric was holding Caynan and I had Kendi. That's it! But within that vision the Lord spoke volumes to me--about how He intended for them to be in our family...about his eternal plan for them in HIS family.

As I'm crying and praising and thanking God for what He had just shown me the song changed to one that I've never heard before (or at least I don't remember hearing it). It's Jason Upton's "No Sacrifice" (looked it up when I got home). Here are a small portion of the lyrics...

To you I give my life, not just the parts I want to
To you I sacrifice these dreams that I hold on to

Your thoughts are higher than mine
Your words are deeper than mine
Your love is stronger than mine
This is no sacrifice
Here's my life

"TO YOU I SACRIFICE THESE DREAMS THAT I HOLD ON TO." Oh did that line just break me down to build me back up again! LOL! This whole past few months of me trying to hold on to my dream for a baby, when all He wanted me to do is lay it at His feet and HEAR Him. He was so patient with me! He lead me just where I needed to go! It really is no sacrifice to let go of that dream (a baby) because I know that by listening to and obeying Him I will learn of HIS dreams for me, which are infinitely more fullfilling!!!!