Sunday, July 23, 2006

So blessed!

We are so blessed! Our wonderful agency director Lois Socrant has graciously agreed to take some items down to Ghana with her and give them to Kendi Juliet for us. She is leaving the 12th or 19th of August. This is such an amazing gift to us (and hopefully Kendi) you all! This is not something that lots of a-parents have the opportunity to do before they meet their child. We hope that this will help Kendi Juliet to barely begin to understand what is going to be happening in her life in a few months.

The pictures above are of the album we made for her. There are 12 photos with captions in both English and Twi ("chi"). We included photos of our family, our house, and our pets--and of course one of her so that she could see herself! LOL! Don't all kids like to see themselves in pictures? Ours do. =-)

Please pray with us that these gifts (dress, sandals, cuddly, and album) reach Kendi Juliet and that she is allowed to keep them until we arrive.

Love, Anita