Thursday, July 20, 2006

Still So In Love

I know I've posted Kendi Juliet's picture before, but really, can you get enough of her? I can't! I'm still so in love with this little girl! The last few days have been a roller coaster but also a reminder about how full of joy I should be about our daughter's adoption! And I am! Oh how happy I will be when she joins our family!!!!

My Twi (pronounced "Chi")-English dictionary finally arrived so I'll begin to put her little photo album together for when Lois goes to Ghana next month. I plan to label each picture for her--Mommy, Daddy, Sister Taevy, Brother Samren, Our House, Our Pets, etc. Hopefully I've chosen the right language and someone there can tell what the words say (there are so many possible languages she or her caregivers could speak)!

I just didn't want anybody to be left feeling as if Kendi didn't matter in this whole situation--as if I only cared about our baby boy. Not in the least. The thought of her brings such joy to my heart! And I am more resolved than ever to bring her into our family!

Love, Anita