Friday, August 04, 2006

Cute "Crowd Control" Device =-)

My friend Kristi kept telling me about these cute "harnesses" she got for her kids. Well, I am NOT a kid-harness person. Just makes me feel weird to think of a kid on a leash! At the same time, there are certainly times that I wish my kids were on a leash! =-) But I have wondered sometimes if it wouldn't be good to get something like that for Kendi and Caynan for the journey through the airports on the way home. After all, they won't know English, I don't *look* like I should be the one chasing them through the airport, and I don't know that they will eve *want* to stay with me at that point!!

So my friend showed me her harnesses and they were actually really cute! I went to Target tonight and bought one each for Kendi and Caynan. The nice thing is that they just look like little stuffed animal backpacks (including a pocket for treasures), and the "leash" is just the "tail" of the animal. Plus, the tail/leash clips right off if you don't need it. Very cool!

So anyway, any of you planning to adopt kids that are already walking and in that "wondering away" stage this might be a product to consider. They are called "2-in-1 Harness Buddy" by Eddie Bauer and cost $9.99. They were over by the baby stuff, near bathing products at the Target we went to.