Friday, August 04, 2006

Baby Oil Gel

Okay, so I guess I am in the mood to share tonight. =-) One of my friend swears by Baby Oil Gel for her kids from Africa! She has tried lots of the other really expensive products out there and says that simple 'ol baby oil gel has worked the best for her kids skin. Sounds great to me! The cheaper the better! Tonight I finally found it (at Target). I've looked a few other times and had no luck with the Gel so I am pumped. Got 3 bottles so I'm ready to "grease" my kids up when they get home!

**Important ammendmant to the above: I should have mentioned that lots of moms of African (or African American) kiddos would NOT use Baby Oil Gel on their children's skin because it is not an "all natural" product--it contains mineral oil which is on the "no-no" list to use for AA kids' skin (ideally). At the same time, I know of people who use it and love it and have had great results. I don't know that I am a "purist" and will definitely be trying the Baby Oil Gel on Kendi and Caynan when they come home. Call me a rebel! =-)