Friday, August 04, 2006

Gettin' Ready!

Oh boy have I been manic the past two days (since I found out I'm going to Ghana in two weeks). I have been trying to "come down" but my body just couldn't! I have been a foggy mess of travel research and list-making and imagining what it will be like, and getting anal over the flights and airports. I knew at some point my body would crash and it FINALLY did this morning (of course this morning, when I need to get through a whole day of 4 kids). I've been waking up at like 3:30 am the last few days (unplanned) with thoughts of all I have to do to get ready! LOL!

Tonight we went to Target (yes, that is the third time I've mentioned our trip!) to look for TV stands and walked out with the harness buddies for C and K, first day of school outfits for T and S, and lots of travel stuff for me! LOL! The only thing that continues to elude me is the second type of plug adoptor I need for Ghana (can find the first just about anywhere). I'll get it figured out yet!

By far the most fun purchase we made this week was a little digital video camera that takes SD Memory Cards instead of CDs or tapes. It is TINY--like 4"X2" and only weights a few ounces. It will be much easier to take thank our six year old huge video camera. Plus it's an mp3 player (and 4 other less needed functions for my purposes) so now I can listen to music on the planes--the camera even comes with headphones! LOL!

My hubby is so kind. He's letting me take this trip (even though he would be fine for me to stay here and us save the money), and even offers to buy me this little camera to save my back as I walk through the airports. He has bee a true blessing to me this week, not because of what he's bought for me and the trip, but because of his willingness to sacrifice a week without his kids' mom and his wife so that I can go and visit our other 2 kids in Ghana. It's really hard on them while I'm gone (wht the whole blindness thing and us having to rely on so many other people to get the family wherever they need to go), so I feel truly blessed that Eric was willing to sacrifice his week here so that I could give a week in Ghana.