Saturday, August 05, 2006

A Change in Heart...

{Did the title make your heart skip a beat? No worries. Everything is fine.}

I know it seems as if every post lately has been full of praises and wonderful things. It must seem like everything is perfect in our lives right now! They aren't, but boy do things feel better than they have in a long time. It wasn't too long ago on this blog that I was apologizing because every post was so depressing and discouraging. My how things have changed for the better lately!

It wasn't so long ago that I was obsessed with adopting a baby. I just KNEW that we needed a baby. The key word there is *I*. It truly brings tears to my eyes how patient the Lord was with me as He guided me to our children (Eric never had pre-concieved notions of babies).

Tonight as we were driving home from yet another shopping trip Taevy asked me what we would do with the clothes that we had that were too little for Kendi. I non-chalently told her that we would save some of them for if we become foster parents. As my mouth said those words my mind said, "But that won't be for a while because right now all my heart wants is Kendi and Caynan." WOW! What a change my heart has made! Even after we just chose Caynan and I was sure that he was our son I was still mourning that we would not be getting a baby right now. But today I realized that my heart has truly moved past it. I can honestly say I DON'T WANT A BABY (at least not right now)! My heart feels full to capcity with the love that is growing for my two "babies" in Ghana who just happen to already be three years old. Isn't that amazing? Thank you Lord, for transforming my heart in this way.

When I got home one of my friends had sent me a little devotional and said that she had thought of me. It speaks directly to what I've described above. Here it is.

For an increased anointing, one of the first things we must understand in this new place with God's Spirit, is in order to INCREASE we must RELEASE.

Once again...Release to Increase.What exactly does this mean? Well, we must release God to move in our lives the way He wants to. We must release His Spirit to move in our families, our churches, our businesses, and our government. If we release control, there will be an increase. Everything in creation was made to be fruitful and multiply (increase). If there are areas that are not increasing, God will judge that area by His Word. In other words, if the increase is not in alignment, He will convict us to change so that we willingly "let go." Most likely, we all have dealt with control issues along the span of our lifetimes. We become fearful, so we attempt to control the outcome. In most cases, it has become our least up to NOW.

In this new place, there must be total trust. In order to grow, we must let go and be submitted to His perfect plan. Because His desire is for us to increase, He will keep leading us back to the same situations, so that He can deal with heart issues and control issues. Our ultimate survival requires that we totally yield ourselves to His Spirit, and then for us to always follow the leading of His Spirit.Secondly, we must release old mindsets concerning how WE think His Spirit should move. Obviously, He is God and He can flow as He chooses, but our faith levels have much to do with His visitation. Because of mindsets and judgments, we could easily miss our hour of visitation. If a certain flow does not line up with our mindset, we too quickly negate how God desires to minister. Remember, they rejected Jesus because of their religious mindsets, and many missed the hour of His divine visitation.