Sunday, September 10, 2006

Bright Update

Yes, I know I just announced him on the blog, but remember that Eric and I have been loving him for almost a week now! In that week I have prayed and prayed and prayed for God's protection over Bright. There is a very real possibility that he could die from his condition.

I have been going crazy without an update from Ernest on how Bright is doing! Each day that passed without word from Ernest brought more fears into my mind. I even had a dream that Bright had died and Ernest wasn't writing because he didn't know how to break the news. His solution (in my dream) was that the orphanage needed to have another child to offer us before they told us that Bright had died. What a horrible dream that was!!!!

So FINALLY today Ernest wrote with an update--a GREAT update! They have been able to do so much more for Bright than I had thought they would be able to do. You know me--I've been researching the "ideal" for babies in his condition all week. They aren't able to give him that "ideal" but they are doing more than I thought they could. Here is what Ernest had to say...

"Bright is really doing good and i will be mailing you the new development of his pictures very soon.He is under medication and he visits the doctor every day and that's doing alot of good.He has been treated against infection hence was giving pinicilin injection for a week and he is also on a good diet-meaning giving milk and the carlories that you added.Thanks for the information you gave to help that poor baby. Your suggestions are always welcome."

Praise God!!!! And the "calories" that Ernest speaks of are packets of liquid called "Benecalorie" that I brought from the US. I had brought them to give them to the orphanage in Tamale (that we didn't end up getting to visit). The last night I was in Ghana I gave them to Ernest, thinking that he could give them to kids like Sarah (who is malnourished). These are little packets of 2 tablespoons of liquid that have 330 calories. We used to give them to Samren when he was severe Failure to Thrive. God is just an amazing God. He knew that those packets would be used to help save our baby boy's life!!!

Please continue to pray with us that Bright responds to treatment. Pray that he makes a full recovery with now cognitive disabilities (one of the risks). Pray that he comes home soon!!!