Sunday, September 10, 2006

What about the second child you were going to adopt?

Good question! =-)

Eric and I have been very sure since we began this journey in February that we were going to adopt 2 children "in one go" and complete our family. We have never wavered on that. Well, never until I saw Bright.

The day that we got information on Bright I almost immediately got this feeling like, "I ONLY want to focus on him." I wanted all of my energy and effort and prayers to be focused on this one baby boy. About mid-day I even realized that once Bright got home I would want to focus ONLY on him until he was completey stable in mind body and spirit. By the end of the day my heart had done a complete 360 and I no longer wished to adopt 2 children at once. I shared my feelings with Eric once he got home and he agreed that for now, we should only pursue Bright's adoption.

Does that mean that I don't see a fourth child in our future? No. We just aren't going to PURSUE a fourth child right now. There are tons of ways for the Lord to bring a fourth child into our family when/if it is the appropriate time. One thing that has occurred to both Eric and I is that Bright still has 3 siblings with his birth father. If his birth father ever had to make the heart-wrenching decision to relinquish another child Eric and I would want to be able to step up immediately to take that child as our own.

I have such completely peace about focusing only on Bright right now. He is the child who needs us. There will be time in the future for a fourth child if the Lord makes it clear that we are to have a fourth child.



Momto13 9:23 PM  

I loved all the updates and hearing that Bright is doing ok. Please keep the updates coming! Praying here in WA.
Love always,