Friday, September 29, 2006

Picture Time

Just for fun, here are some recent pics....
1. A picture of our family (from behind!) as it currently is. Mom took this last weekend at Taevy's birthday party as we were walking down to the lake.
2. This is the start of the afghan I am making for Brighton. This is one "square" of four that will be made--plus a border will be added at the end.
3. This is a picture of my sister and her brand new daughter (just home from Guatemala last week) walking in the park during Taevy's birthday party. Aren't they sweet?!
4. This is a picture of Taevy, all dressed up and ready to play last weekend at Grandma's house.
5. This is Samren and his dad playing at the park together.
6. This is Taevy and her Grandma G. at her school Taevy. Taevy was given the "MVP" award for first quarter at her school. Yes, I'm a proud mommy!