Tuesday, October 31, 2006

New Picture!

I was so surprised and delighted to find a new photo of Bright in my inbox this afternoon!!!! As you can see, he definitely isn't the same malnourished baby he was 2 months ago! PRAISE GOD!!!! PRAISE GOD!!!!!! I just love seeing those little rolls of chub on him!!

We didn't get any other sort of update (as Lois requested from Ernest) but she is still trying. This picture definitely gives us quite an update on how he appears to be doing health-wise. I think I will sleep so much better at night now! He's gaining weight!

Seeing a new photo of him reminds me how real this little fellow is, and causes me to have even more love for him. I can so imagine myself with Bright sitting on my hip. =-) Now if we can just start the adoption life would be grand. Please pray with me for the Application for Adoption to come THIS WEEK!!!!!

P.S. Bright is the mocha little guy in the back. =-)