Tuesday, October 31, 2006

New and Improved Picture!

I asked my dear friend Sarah to crop Bright's new photo--not that the little girl in the original isn't adorable, but Bright is my focus. =-) Anyway, Sarah is quite talented with manipulating photos and such. Just look at what she did in just a few seconds to personalize Bright's new photo! THANK YOU SARAH!!!!


Anonymous 5:24 PM  

oh, he's soo cute! praying with you that you get the application SOON!

Nadia from adoptionhair_skincare

Nichole 6:08 PM  

Ok my new nephew is just too cute for words and looks SOO much healthier. I think we all might need to remember how good he looks in blue too...lol


Anonymous 8:28 AM  

Oh my, Anita, Brighton looks FANTASTIC. Healthy and Gorgeous. I just have to say that his cheeks and the way he's sitting reminds me so much of my little Sammy in his referral pictures!

Best to you - hoping for great news for you very soon!
Jennifer S.

Anonymous 2:24 PM  

I came across your blog when searching for Eugemont Orphanage, because I will be spending my summer working there. Congrats on the upcoming adoption - Brighton is adorable!
~ Jen