Sunday, November 12, 2006

Breathing Easy

That's probably a weird title for this post, but when I think about my general state of being right now, what I notice is that the simple act of taking in a deep breath of God's air puts a smile on my face. We have made such amazing progress in the last two week, and it feels good.

The much coveted Applications for Adoption along with what looked like something for the High Court in Ghana arrived on Saturday morning!! Eric and I signed all of our copies with a smile on our face--FINALLY!!! The adoption is going to start! Eric was concerned because we were only signing the forms--not filling them out. It IS a weird feeling to do that when you see all of the blanks that could potentially be filled out wrong by someone else. But his concerns were put to ease when Lois shared that she will be filling them out WITH the Director of Social Welfare when she is in Ghana. WOW!

So tonight I carfully gathered the documents for Ghana, along with our dossier that I brought back home with me after my trip to Ghana in August and put them into the FedEx box. Next came the fun stuff! I also included 6 cute little onsies for Bright, and two toys. One of the toys has a mirror on one side and a place to put "someone who loves me" on the other side. I put a picture of me alone, since it was too small for him to be able to make out the faces of all four of us!

Lois has worked so hard on this program, and continues to do so. This is her second trip in the last 3 months--all because she refuses to let wrinkles and poor communication tear this program down. I care about her, so I feel bad that she has to go. But my selfish "client" side is so extremely thankful that she IS going. I know that all of us families in process are going to benefit from her sacrifice. Instead of wondering how long it might take for these important documents to get to Ghana I can rest easy, knowing that my agency director will be hand-delivering them to the Director of Social Welfare within the next week. That's amazing!

This week my prayers will (of course) be focused on Bright and our as-yet-unknown child. But also, please pray with me that Lois is able to get good, solid, long-lasting improvements made to the program while she is in Ghana. It's just a matter of finding people who will do what they say they are going to do when they say they are going to do it. The Ghanaians involved are good people--I truly believe that. They just don't quite yet understand all that is involved with running a smooth adoption program. I am hopeful that face-to-face converstations with Lois will improve things greatly.



Anonymous 9:07 AM  

What GREAT news Anita!!! Such real, tangible progress!!! And good for Lois doing what is necessary to make the program work. Every agency should be making that kind of effort.

Barbara C 9:53 AM  

Amen to all of that! Do you know when Lois is leaving and when she will be back?

Momto13 2:18 PM  

AMEN!!!! Wonderful news and lovely words of wisdom :)
Blessings and Hugs