Sunday, November 19, 2006

I keep having these dreams...

I keep having these dreams about Africa. [I say "Africa" because there's no sign in my dreams telling me which country I'm in--I only know it's in the continent of Africa.] You would think with the way that I love Africa all of my dreams would be beautiful and inspiring...but not these. They are dark and evil--full of demons. The ground is always parched and cracked. The trees have no fruit or leaves. Even though the sun is shining everything seems gray. And evil is chasing me or someone I care about throughout the dream. Sometimes I'm trying to save children--other times (like today) I'm trying to save my own family from the evil. And here's a really odd thing--it always seems as if this "evil" is putting something into my mouth--something so sticky that it can't be swallowed or effectively spit out. In these dreams I am always taking my finger to manually pull this substance out of my mouth so that I can warn people about the evil that's lurking. But it does no good because there seems to be an endless supply already building back up in my mouth.

Sorry for such a dark post. This is just bugging me, and as I've said before, sometimes it helps me to purge things from my mind after I write them out. God talks to people in so many ways. He often talks to me through my dreams, but usually "those" dreams are for other people, not myself. These dreams are haunting me during my sleep and now during my awake hours as well because I don't just have recurring dreams for no reason. Hmmm...

P.S. I do want to share that Taevy would LOVE to go to Ghana with me, and I would LOVE to take her (if we were made of money). Every time she and I talk about it and I start feeling more "want" to take her with me I have a dream where we are in Africa and I am trying to save her from danger. Just last night we had one of these "I wish you could go" conversations and my dream today was mainly about me trying to save HER from the evil that surrounded us. I do believe I'm being told not to take her. =-(