Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Jen--Eugemot Orphanage

To Jen who left the comment about Eugemot:
How wonderful that you'll get to spend the summer at Eugemot!  Oh how I hope our children are home by then, but if not it's always nice to think of another pair of loving arms to cuddle them!
How did you learn of Eugemot?  Are you going to volunteer for a specific purpose (medical, education, etc.)?  When I was there in August there were two lovely young ladies who came to volunteer everyday.  The children seemed to love them!
I'd love to keep in touch as you plan this grand adventure!



Anonymous 5:23 PM  

Anita - I am working with IFRE, who placed me with Eugemot. I am going there just to volunteer and to teach (I teach elementary school here in the US). I certainly hope your children are home by then, though I'd love to meet them!
You can contact me at jcramlet AT hotmail DOT com
~ Jen