Friday, November 10, 2006

Like Cold Water...

Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land.
Proverbs 25:25
Can you believe THAT verse was the "daily verse" that was waiting for me in my inbox this morning?  How cool is that!  That's pretty much how I feel--like a splash of cold water has been sent my way to wake me up and get me going!  Of course, there was no sleep after I got "the news" at 4am this morning.  I'm flying high on adrenalin right now. =-)
I always pray as a fall asleep.  It helps me to become calm and focused and to clear my mind of all the junk that builds up throughout the day.  Last night as I prayed for the thousandth time, "Lord, please send us a breakthrough in Bright's adoption." I felt really burdened to also submit my heart to Him.  I told Him that I truly believe that He is in control and that I will rest easy knowing that the applications will come when He wills them to.  I told the Lord that I trusted Him to know what was best in this situation and I have faith that He will use it to His glory.  Of course, I've said these things a hundred times, but last night I FELT them especially ring true in my heart.  I went to sleep with such peace about the situation.  So imagine my surprise when I awoke to THE news we've been awaiting!  I can't pretend to understand the ways of God, but I thank Him for each bit of grace He throws our way.
Hopefully we will get the applications by FedEx on Saturday (or Monday at the latest).  I'll get everything signed and sent back to Lois for them to fly with her to Ghana at the end of next week.  I think I will also see if I can find any summerish baby clothes and send a few outfits and a toy over for Bright (assuming Lois will take them, as she offered to last time she traveled).  I can't help but to hope that Lois is able to take lots of pictures of our sweet baby boy when she is there.  I know that she will be super busy with the business side of the adoption program, but maybe she'll have time to click a few pics.  Oh--and I'm sending Lois a measuring tape too! LOL!
Okay, off to start the day.  Today is Samren's 5th birthday, and the 6th anniversary of the day that we first got Taevy's referral.  November 10th has been kind to our family!



Barbara C 8:25 AM  

Great news! I, too, am excited about Lois' going to Ghana. Maybe she'll take pictures of Deirdre, find our other daughter, and bring us our paperwork so we don't have to wait two months like you did!! :)

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