Thursday, November 09, 2006

My buzz is wearing off...

No, not a chemical "buzz", but the buzz I've had from getting Bright's new picture and the thought of our as yet unknown son or daughter. I still feel *SO* much better about everything than I did a few weeks ago. Knowing that Bright is doing okay makes a world of difference. But it really is so discouraging to know that we've gone another week without any word about the Applications for Adoption. I was really praying that this would be the week (as I have been praying for the last 8 weeks). I know that nothing big has happened, or Lois would have contacted us. If I don't hear from her until Friday, then I already know there isn't much to report. =-(

There is still the day today to hear something (it's only 8am on the west coast). Oh how I am praying for some good news.