Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Bright's Afghan

Today I finished Bright's afghan. For those that don't know, I started crocheting back in February when we thought that we would have our kids home by May (from Liberia). At the time I crocheted because it helped me to feel like I was doing something for my kids without going out and buying a ton of stuff (like I have a tendency to do when finances permit). Now I think I crochet just to pass the time until our kids finally do come home. I made afghans for Emmanuel and Juliet, but just don't feel right about "transferring" their afghans to Bright and our other child. Those afghans were made for Emmanuel and Juliet--nobody else. Anyway, here is Bright's afghan. I think it's my favorite, but here are links to the others I've made.

Emmanuel's Afghan (okay--couldn't find a link, so I've attached this pic)

Juliet's Afghan
Samren's Afghan
(yes, Taevy is next!)


Kristin 8:20 AM  

Those are really lovely! My mom makes afghans for each of our children when they are babies. I love them as they are so soft and cuddly for little ones.

Has Juliet found a forever family yet? I've been praying for her.

Christina/Mrs. Broccoli Guy 9:01 AM  

You are sooooo talented at that! I tried to crochet and ended up with horrid scary knots. Just not my thing, I guess. But you make beautiful afghans... your kids are so lucky! :-)