Tuesday, November 21, 2006

New Look, not New News

Hi all,
Well, I got bored as I checked my email obsessively tonight (hoping for an email from Ghana) and decided to try changing my template. Although my hubby is a software engineer I am quite HTML illiterate. I am always amazed with what some people can do with their blogs! Nevertheless, I feel proud because I actually had to play with code and tweak things to get it like this. Still some more tweaking to do, but I'll get there.

You probably already guessed--no news from Ghana. It's Wednesday around 4am there right now so in just a few short hours I'll begin hoping again that today is the day that I hear from Lois. There are four of us families waiting on the edge of our seats for word from her. I'm really surprised that nobody has heard from her and wonder if there is an internet connectivity issue.

I was so hoping to share all of the new news with my family on Thanksgiving day--and there is still hope that will happen--but time is running out. If I don't hear from Lois before Thanksgiving I will still check email obsessively all weekend but will have to be content with the fact that it will probably be sometime next week until we hear from her.

Whew. This waiting stuff is tough business! :-/