Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I might be going batty!!!!!!

Yes, the waiting may be getting the best of me, but I'm going to share my current obsession with you all anyway!

Today I was adding links to the new template on this blog when I went to Eugemot's website. I noticed that there were new pictures on the front page (I think that little girl might be my beloved Sarah). Hoping for every new glimpse of Eugemot I can get, I went through the rest of the pages. Guess what is NEW in the Programs page? A section on them taking care of infants. Here is the text:

The management of the orphanage in full-filling it's objectives has began
admission for infants. Starting from the first day of birth, provided the
in an orphan.
The orphanage is well aware of the need of
providing warmth
and good child care in the early stage of a child which in
turn guarantees
physical, psychological and emotional health. At present the
orphanage is caring
for two infants , a six months old and a twelve month
old baby.

Okay, so thoughts start swirling through my head. "Wait a second! Two babies have been referred and both of them are around one year old. Who is the 6 month old? Is Bright younger than we think?" {He's always looked younger than his given age to me.} The other thing about this paragraph on infant care is that there is a photo of a baby next to it!!! My first thought was that maybe this is a picture of Bright, so I saved it to my hard drive so that I could blow it up. It's not Bright. This is a baby girl! So my second thought is that this might be the other baby that has been referred--Barbara's little Deidre! This baby has an earring just like Barbara's baby has. I sent the photo to Barbara in case this is a new photo of her precious baby!

But there are two questions looming... First of all, who is the six month old baby? This update was added to the Eugemot website on the 13th of November, so it's fairly current. The baby in this picture looks younger to me than 12 months old, and I don't *see* Deidre's facial features when I look at this baby girl's face (although babies can look so different from photo to photo). So the secomd looming question is, could this child be a 6 months old baby girl who hasn't yet been referred? Could she be referred to us?!

Here is the picture we got of Bright and Diedre on October 31st:

Compare that with this photo, taken from Eugemot's website today:

So many questions and no answers (although I did send Lois an email about this one--couldn't help myself)! I am more antsy than ever to hear from Lois. Hopefully all of the surprises will be good ones!



Anonymous 12:25 PM  

Hi Anita
The baby looks like Deidre to me... Hope you hear good news soon.