Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Questions, questions, and more questions...

Well, Lois is probably close to home by now (if she hasn't already landed). Now my mind begins to wonder how long it will be before she has recuperated from her long journey and able to communicate about everything that is going on in Ghana. I have a feeling it might be next week before I hear from her but I shall remain optimistic for sooner! LOL!

In the meantime, I have compiled my list of questions for her. I'm posting (most of) them here as evidence of just how anal I am! =-)

About Bright....

Does he seem like a happy baby?Do you know what they are feeding him?
Were you able to come back with a medical report?
Is he crawling...pulling up?
Do you know if he has any words?
Does he look small for his age?
How does his size compare with Deirdre's?
Where is he sleeping at night?
Did you get to hold him and play with him?
Anything else you can share about your time with Bright?!

About the Adoption...

Were you able to meet with the Director of Social Services?

Were you able to turn in our dossier and application? For two children or just Bright?
Were you able to get any sort of timeline as far as how long it might be until the adoption proceedings?
Is the feeling that we will get a final adoption decree (I heard that the family in Accra got the interim adoption)?
Do you think it would help our case for a final adoption if I was at the court proceedings?
Anything else about the adoption that I haven't asked about but that needs to be addressed?!

About other stuff....

How did things go with Ernest? Is he still involved in the day to day?
What is your feeling about our second referral? Does it look like it could take a while?

Were you able to make contact with any other orphanages in Volta Region?
How are you feeling about the program in general?
Is there a 6 month old baby at Eugemot?
Is Sarah still at Eugemot?
How did things go in Tamale?!
Anything else new going on with the program?

I sent all of my questions to Lois as a "heads up" so that she can reply when and how (email or phone) is best for her. I hope that there is a lot of good news in her answers!