Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Missing My Boy

Hi all,

Wow. I am missing my sweetheart so much right now. I am just aching to hold Bright in my arms. Even though it is totally impractical I have started to hope that I can go to Ghana in January or February to visit Bright (and hopefully our other child). I'd also like to make sure the orphanage has a large enough supply of daily protein (eggs, meat, peanut butter, whatever!). Bright's edema from the Kwashiorkor concerns me. Gotta get my kiddo some protein! =-)

I've mentioned my hope to Eric and he is being just about as supportive as he can be. He gets nothing out of traveling, and less than nothing out of me traveling while he is left with the kids. It's hard for him to let me go for 7-9 days "just" to visit. But he knows how much my heart aches for our baby and he says we'll think about it.

It's hard on everybody when I leave since Eric doesn't see well. He has to rely on his parents to get him to and from work, and his mom takes care of the children during the day. It puts extra stress on everybody and there is a lot of guilt that goes with that. So much to consider and pray about.

The good news is that it looks like this trip would be between $1650 and $1800 (including hotel and food), whereas my trip in August cost around $2500 total. Still, it's not like we have the money just sitting around waiting to be spent on something so extravagent.

On February 3rd we will have been trying to adopt for one year. February 3rd is also my 31st birthday. I can't think of a better way to usher in our 2nd year on this journey than to spend the day with our child(ren) in Ghana. I'm really praying that it works out.

P.S. Yes, I'm posting Bright's new photos over and over again. You aren't tired of looking at him, are you?! ;-)


Momto13 11:31 PM  

Certainly not tired of looking at him! Came back before I go to bed to get one more look at your handsome baby boy :)
I will pray about your next visit to Ghana.

Barbara C 8:20 AM  

I want to go too!!! But I don't think it would be possible :( We don't even (yet) have the money we need to go pick the girls up and bring them home! But I so totally know how you feel!