Monday, November 27, 2006

Growth Charts

Today I checked out Bright's measurements against the US Growht Charts. The Length-for-Age and Height-for-Age stats are pretty much what I expected--he is not even CLOSE to being on the typical growth curve. He's below the 0 percentile for both figures--way below.

But one thing I learned with Samren (he was severe Failure to Thrive at one point) is that the weight/height for age isn't that important. What's important is the Weight-for-Length percentile. Really short kids shouldn't necessarily be the same weight as a really tall kid! And right now Bright is a really short kid.

On the Weight-for-Length chart Bright is ABOVE the 95th percetile! Yes he really is short and FAT! LOL!

Last but not least, he is sitting pretty with head circumference-for-age--25th percentile. Considering how small he is for his age in the other areas I think 25th percentile is just fine. =-)

It's funny. Our son Samren is always going to be very tiny due to his health issues as a baby/toddler. The docs tell us he will probably be under 5 feet at adulthood. Yes, that means he would qualify as a "Little Person!" We've always thought it would be nice if our next son ended up being short too--so that Samren wasn't so overgrown by his *little* brother. Looks like we might just have that type of scenario once Bright is home. One of the most common long-lasting effects of Kwashiorkor is short stature.

Have a great day everybody.


Rachel 11:48 AM  

what a cutie! so glad that you got these new pictures of him with the toy that you sent. hoping he is home soon. rachel

Barbara C 4:06 PM  

You do good work with the pictures! Sorry to hear about that flood! That happened to us once too (Eoin decided to "wash" his jeans in the sink and didn't turn off the water!), but we caught it after an hour or so. Still, it ruined the hall floor.

Great parenting moments, eh? :)

Barbara C 4:10 PM  

I meant to say, too, that that's really neat about the boys probably both being short. I've always been thankful that our Cambodian son is the younger of our two, since he's much shorter than his older brother(AA)was at the same age!