Monday, November 27, 2006

Tweaked Photos

This is Bright with Mamam Eugenia. Eugemot Orphanage is partly named after Mama Eugenia and she was a co-founder for the orphanage. Knowing that Bright spennds his days and nights in her care gives me a measure of peace that I could not have had otherwise. I can't wait to tell Bright about Mama Eugenia when he is older. Isn't he cute?! I just blacked out the background, closed-in on his sweet little face, erased the pink bunny on his onsie, and added his name. =-)

So here's my boy again, more close-up and without the pink bunny!

This was my sad attempt at over-coloring his pink-checked shirt red, to match his hat. Oh well! I blacked out the background and added his name to his hat. And yep--that's my face upside down on the toy! LOL!

Can you tell I was up late last night playing with my new software?! I took the original background out, and added a background pic I took while I was in Ghana. Left his pink onsie for prosperity's sake (and because I stank at coloring it in)!

Last but not least...the best pic I got of him. Just made the background black, zoomed in a bit, erased the pink bunny, and added his name. I am one lucky future mommy, aren't I?!

I haven't heard from Lois since she sent the pics and don't really expect to until probably next week. I've heard through the grapevine that she might be working with another orphanage in Volta Region, which would mean another outlet for our second referral. Fingers crossed! Both Barbara and I are awaiting referrals after having our babies referred to us from Eugemot. Check out her blog for a cute new picture of Deidre!

Brody Emmanuel's mom got a new SMILING picture of her son! I never saw a smile when I was with Emmanuel so this is a HUGE answer to prayer for this sweet boy!

In other (non-adoption-related) news: We came home to a flood in our house yesterday. Not fun. Kids left the upstairs sink dripping heavily and also plugged the drain with a toy. Urgh! The water pooled somewhere between our floor upstairs and our ceiling downstairs and finally burst through all over our kitchen and dining and living room. So instead of decorating our Christmas tree I'm trying to get a water extraction company and contractors out to the house. Yuck!