Thursday, November 16, 2006

Somewhere...out there...

Lois is on her way (or will be very shortly).  It's so odd how you imagine things one way before you've done it yourself, and imagine it another way after you've done it.  Since I've flown to Accra by myself I keep thinking of the lonely hours at the airport between flights...the extra security standards to go through...all of the lines...the less than wonderful food...and the possibility of turbulence.  Oh my--not turbulence! LOL!  It's not an easy trip.  It's lonely and tiring and you just want to get there already!
So tonight I say a prayer for Lois.  I pray that she is comfortable and has two empty seats next to her!  I pray that her laptop has internet access anytime she needs it!  I pray that nobody spills beer on her, and I pray that she gets to come home in shoes that don't have her own pee on them from earlier in the day!  [Yes, this happened to me.]  I pray that Lois' body is free of pain as she flies, and as she endures the long drives to and from orphanages.  I pray that all of her luggage makes it ON TIME and INTACT.  I pray that someone is there to pick her up at the airport and escort her directly to a comfortable hotel.  And I pray that Lois is able to move mountains to solidify expectations and relationships with those in Ghana that must be trusted to do their part to complete these adoptions.
Bon Voyage Lois!  You are appreciated.


Barbara C 4:17 PM  

Praying right along with you!