Wednesday, December 13, 2006

100 Days

Lots of schools these days celebrate the 100th day of school with a party--at least here in Oklahoma. They make a big deal about this huge accomplishment the kids have made--coming to school for 100 days of the school year. Today is the 100th day that we've been waiting for Bright. It's certainly nothing to celebrate about, but I suppose it is a sort of accomplishment. I haven't gone crazy (yet) and I am more dedicated to him now than I ever have been before.

So--100 days are gone. When we started pursuing his adoption I sincerely thought we'd have him home before we hit this milestone, but the Lord has other plans in mind I guess. The reality is that we probably have another 100-200 days to go before we get to bring our sweet boy home for good.
In other news...I called Lois today and talked with her about the whole "no more young referrals" thing from Eugemot. She feels like Mama E will relent and allow us to receive another referral, but it remains to be seen whether or not there are even any other young children to be referred. Lois also isn't clear on whether Mama E isn't taking in any more young children, or if she just isn't allowing them to be adopted.
I am trying to be patient. Nope. Strike that. I'm really not! LOL! I'm looking in every nook and cranny for the possible location of our fourth child. I am sick of being on the internet and researching other programs and waiting children. It is very tiring. But there is something within me that says I must do this. There's really not many options out there with our budget (or lack thereof) but it hasn't stopped me from looking.
We still haven't heard anything from Spence-Chapin about baby Alexis. I've given in and begun calling today only to find out that the whole staff seems to be out of the office today (even the operator). Nobody is answering the phones, which is a first in my experiences with Spence-Chapin. I don't want to bug them about choosing us but I would like to know how long the selection process takes and if we are actually in the running or not.
I inquired about another little boy with suspected Neurofibromatosis that is in Korea, but we aren't an option for him. Korea won't allow us to pursue both his and Bright's adoption. The lady from the agency seemed so disappointed that we weren't a fit because she really wants this little guy to find a home so badly. I do too now. =-)
One other program I found is from Adoption Guides. They have a new Ethiopia program that has fees of $8500 plus $1600 escort (and their waiting children all have a $3000 grant). No, this is NOT in our budget, but it is the closest I've found and the thought of a stable and proven country program is very appealing to Eric and I after our experiences with Liberia and Ghana. It would be nice to just say "we'd like to adopt an infant please", get a referral within 2 months of a complete dossier, and travel 4-6 months later to pick up our baby. That would just seem so easy after the last year!
My brain is just so jumbled. I keep asking for the Lord to make a bright and clear path for us to follow--it just isn't time yet I guess. I know that path will show itself eventually. It does feel good to know that we're NOT giving up on Bright. There is just no thought of that.
Oh! In one spot of BRIGHT news (wink)...someone I know from the internet will be traveling to Ghana over Christmas! He'll be playing "santa" to the orphanage and has promised to click some pics of Bright for me. THAT will be a wonderful Christmas gift!!! I'm so thankful to him for agreeing to do that for us!


Susan 1:43 PM  

For adoption from Ethiopia I highly recommend Adoption advocates international. The price is the same as Adoption guides and they have worked in Ethiopia a long time. (Their agency fee is on a sliding scale based on income and they offer $3000 grants for special needs and long waiting children. We adopted an older child using this agency and only have the best to say about them).

Anita and Family 2:00 PM  

Thanks Susan. I actually have a few friends that have used AAI and all have raved about them! There is a very, very long wait for infants through them right now though. I don't think I would choose to wait another 18 months for a referral if another agency has them within 4-6 months--and I know of Mary Mooney at Adoption Guides and have a lot of trust in any program she sets up. Thanks for the recommendation though!

Jasmine 4:53 PM  

Can I ask what Ethiopian program you referred to? My family is currently adopting from Liberia, but we're always looking into other options as well, and the program you mentioned might well work with our budget.
You can email me here: