Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Day at Eugemot!

The best Christmas present ever would have been if Bright could have been home with us...but knowing someone who spent Christmas day with him and getting to hear all about my baby boy through the eyes of another is also an exceptional gift!
I have a friend who traveled to Ghana to spend the Christmas holiday, playing Santa to several orphanages. He spent Christmas day at Eugemot!!!! He spent several hours there and even ate Christmas lunch with them. He gave them gifts and love and got to spend lots of time getting to know the children and Mama Eugenia. The best part (for me!) is that he sent the below about Bright!
THEN..... off to see ya little fella!!! I had a great time with Mumma Eugenia..
I was welcommed with open arms and had a wonderful day. !!! The first little one
to great me was YOUR BOY!!!!! Anita!! he is a gem.... !! looks great...I took
some really nice pics that will make your husband wish he never gave you a hard
time about the adoption..... he was so happy, clean , dressed up and was WELL
loved and taken care of... he was dressed in blue.. and had a little
hat on.. and beads around his neck... you could see the baby powder
dust around his collar... which made me feel that he was well looked after!
I am telling you this because its the little things in life that always catch my
eye in life!!! he has beautiful eyes and a lovely tone... he is a real little
Is that not awesome?!?! I remember 6 years ago when I had to go through a Christmas without Taevy. One of the worst parts was knowing that she wasn't even having a Christmas (she was in Buddhist Cambodia) and that I had no idea how her day might have gone. But with Bright I will know forever how he spent his first Christmas in our family (but not yet home). Even though our adoption of Bright hasn't been all roses and rainbows, we have been blessed to have people travel twice now that can send us reports of how he is doing and what a wonderful little person he is.
Come home my sweet child...


Julz 4:54 PM  

What an awesome present Anita. I am so happy for you!!! Before long you'll have your boy home and your family will almost be done!! I can't wait to see the photos!

Barbara C 6:31 PM  

I don't suppose he said anything about Deirdre??? I'd wish I'd known he was going to go before he went. :( Oh well, glad you got some news! And that video is precious!