Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Video of BRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I came home today to find an envelope from Bright (c/o LVI). I opened to find a wrapped gift, not to be opened until Christmas (which was easy because it's the day after LOL!)! My hands started shaking...my heart started pounding...and inside the gift was a CD that said, "Bright, November 2006." I went immediately to the computer and opened it to find a video! SEVEN WONDERFUL MINUTES OF BRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here it is...

Lois at LVI...thank you from the bottom of my heart for this most wonderful gift!!!!!!




Melissa (lishoprah@hotmail.com) 6:54 PM  

What a beautiful little boy Anita! We adopted our daughter from Liberia in 2003. We had two pictures of her for the 11 months that we waited to bring her home. What a precious gift to have a video!

Anita and Family 7:13 PM  

Thank you Melissa! I know we have been *SO* blessed with the number of photos (and now a video!) we've received. We only had one photo each of our other kids (from Cambodia and Vietnam). This is so great!

Jasmine 7:38 PM  

He is adorable!
What a blessing to have a video!
I pray he comes home soon!

James and Gala 8:49 PM  

Oh Anita makes my heart just melt to pieces. I couldn't help but sit w/tears of joy and also tears of sorrow that your little guy wasn't home with you. Knowing in you heart that he is being so well cared for can only help I'm sure when you are missing your little Bright!! He will truly be "Bright" as he makes his journey home with such a deserving family!!

:) Thanks for sharing Anita. It just gives me more motivation and more determination to A: pick a country and B: move fwd and bring home the special spirit that our Father in Heaven has waiting for us.

Happy New Year my dear!!

Love, Gala

Christina 11:38 PM  

What a wonderful Christmas gift!!! I can just imagine how much this cheered you today. He is so adorable... I loved his little yawn!