Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas Baby Boy

Merry Christmas, my sweet Bright. I've taken a moment to escape the sounds of dinner cooking, kids playing with grandparents, and dishes being done so that I could express to you how very much you are missed in this chaotic but loving home of ours.

Right now it's just barely Christmas morning at Eugemot and trustfully you are sleeping soundly just within Mama Eugenia's grasp. Later you'll awake, and I have a feeling that it will feel much like your other days at Eugemot--simple but happy. Maybe the orphanage staff will have arranged for a special treat, or maybe you'll all attend church services together, or maybe my friend Darren will be there to play "Santa" to you and all of the children.

In a way, you're blessed. Your little soul doesn't know about all of the trappings of a "Western" Christmas. You aren't concerned with what you'll get from the day. You aren't worried about meeting anybody else's expectations. You'll just be you--gorgeous and happy. You'll give the gift of smiles and giggles and gurgles and wiggles. Oh how I wish I was with you to receive the gift you'll be giving to those around you tomorrow. Trustfully this will be our last Christmas apart my dear Bright. Next year I promise to give you all of the gifts that you haven't yet received--a mommy's cuddle...a daddy's tickle...a sister to baby you...a brother to wrestle with you...a family to love you.

Sleep soundly my cherished one, so very far away...