Friday, December 22, 2006

Second--The Worrisome News =-(

Sometimes I feel like if it weren't for bad adoption luck we'd have no adoption luck at all. =-( Today it was posted to the Ethiopia list that news laws will be implemented for adoptions in Ethiopia in January 2007. There is one proposed change that would greatly affect us. One of the changes suggests that no families with DUI, jail time, insulin-dependant diabetics, depression, or multiple medications would be allowed to adopt from Ethiopia. First of all, don't you just love how DUI's and jail time are lumped in with people who simply have TREATABLE medical conditions? UGH!

So I called AAI and spoke with Merrily (the Director of the agency). She said that these changes have been proposed several times but have never been implemented to this point. She was in Ethiopia this month and the AAI attorney said that there was very little chance any of this would happen (encouraging). She said she had an email in to their attorney to ask him to check on things again (since this was posted this morning). She told me that she felt like everything would be fine, but of course they would follow Ethiopia's laws if they changed them.

A bit later Merrily posted on the Ethiopia list that her attorney had replied and said that "none of this is official and it is very likely it will only be partially implemented." She goes on to say that it is likely that at some point the adoption of 2 unrelated children won't be allowed--so I'm (selfishly) hoping THAT is the rule to be implemented if any (although my friend Chanda could be affected by that). Just not the no diabetics or medications rule please Lord!
It's not that I'm so worried that these changes will be implemented in January (they might well not be) but what is the chances of them being implemented in the next 18 months before we get our child home? Remember, we said that if Ethiopia didn't work out we would stop trying to adopt. And I don't want to stop trying!!!! =-(


Jennifer and Larry 8:31 AM  

Hi Anita...I just thought of you this a.m. as I was brushing my teeth, and not that you need MORE choices BUT I wanted to pass on some important info. I just received. A women named Dawn Taylor teaches at a Deaf school up the road (in Michigan). She also helps place children for adoption. She announced in her class on Thursday (via a close friend of mine) that if you know anyone who would adopt a black infant child please have them email her. She said the need is great. I am assuming these children are from Michigan. They are most likely not deaf, probably healthy. Just in case you want to inquire...
I am an info junky too and we are not in the position to change our adoption course as we are paid almost in full for Guatemala. Have a great Christmas.

Wicked Witch 8:03 AM  

Arg! We are going through this with China right now. Sorry!

Anita and Family 4:24 PM  

Thanks Jennifer. Never hesitate to send another option! LOL! There are lots of AA children who need families in America. The problem is that usually their fees are more than we can handle (on top of Bright's fees). I might just email Dawn and check things out though. =-)