Friday, December 22, 2006


Congratulations to Mo and Julz on getting the FINAL adoption decrees for Brody, Jeremiah, and Maria today in Ghana!!!!!!!!!!!

Folks, this is HUGE news! Of course, for these two families it means that there was no 2 year interim adoption put into place (Praise God!), but it also reassures the families still waiting in line that maybe the 2 year interim adoption shouldn't be such a huge fear. ???? These two families adopted through Accra Region, so things could be very different in our Volta Region, but I can't help but to feel relieved--and of course SO HAPPY for these children and families!

The adoption decrees will be issued in about 4 weeks. The next thing these families will wait for is approval from the US for the children to immigrate. According to the US Embassy website this could take 1-6 months, but I think the only thing that will really give us a timeline is once these first two families get through. Please pray with me that they are out in less than 1 month and that these children are already at home by March!