Thursday, December 21, 2006

Falling in Love Again

I freely admit that I am addicted to learning--especially when it comes to learning about the countries my children come from. Since late April it's been all about Ghana for me. I've studied the culture, and the various tribes, and even a bit of the (Ashanti) language. As icing on the cake I experienced the country during my amazing trip in late August. I adore Ghana and just about everything Ghanian!

Since we've decided that our last child will come from Ethiopia my mind has already become intrenched in learning all things Ethiopian. I am just barely getting started--busy right now reading Ethiopian adoption blogs and other journals related to Ethiopia. From one blog I got the link to another and I wanted to post the link here as well, because it's fabulous!

Click HERE to read all about Denise Baker's time serving in the Peace Corps as a volunteer for seven months at Adoption Advocates International in Ethiopia. She talks about the children (of course) but also has an amazing way of painting the things she has seen and experienced. I am only at August 9th right now (reading from the beginning) but am determined to read her entire blog. THEN I will go to the more typical ways of learning about Ethiopia. What I can say already is that I am falling in love again. =-)

Ironically, it seems (from what Denise rights in her blog) that she also served in Ghana! Once I am done reading her journal I think I will write to her. I don't think I will meet many people on this earth that have such close ties to two countries on opposite sides of the African contenent!