Wednesday, December 20, 2006

One more exhale...

I heard from Lois tonight (writing on her blackberry because the is still only intermittant internet where she is at in WA). She said she is very happy that we are going to continue on with Bright's adoption and will get the paperwork we sent today to Ghana right away. I *thought* Lois would be happy about us going forward, but after all we've been through and all of the one referral/two referral thing I was a bit paranoid about her givin up on US! Thankfully that's not what happened.

So now we wait and pray to hear the news that within the next couple of weeks our applications have been formally filed with the Ghana government!

After filing takes place we will wait with baited breath for the next bit hurdle--that Bright has been formally relinquished by his father/family.

From there we hope for a final adoption decree rather than a 2 year interim adoption (in which case would mean a failed adoption for us).

If we get a final adoption decree we just have to wait on the VERY slow US Embassy in Ghana to process the immigration paperwork (timeline is 1-6 months on their website).

If we can get past the first two hurdles (relinquishment and final adoption decree) it will feel GREAT (!) as I'm not worried about any trouble with CIS, just a slow process.