Sunday, December 17, 2006

Missing in Action

***Update: Duh! There was a huge windstorm in Washington last Thursday and that took away all of the power to Lois' office at LVI. So that would explain why nobody has heard from her since Thursday, and might also explain the website issues.***

Just a quick post to ask that you all please pray that someone hears from Lois (at LVI) soon. I know one person that has been waiting well over a week for a response from her, and I've been waiting since Thursday morning. I know another person who isn't receiving responses from her as well. In addition, the LVI website has been down for over a day now.

Lots of things going through my mind right now. I think the most likely scenario is that Lois is very ill and in the hospital. If this is the case it is of course understandable that she has been unreachable, but I also wish (selfishly) that she would do her families the favor of letting us know (or having someone else letting us know) that she is unavailable. Lois deals with a chronic illness and lives in pain. I hope that she is okay.

The second thought in my mind is, "What if Lois isn't communicating because the whole program is going horribly wrong?" I have no reason to believe that--just paranoia--and it doesn't make a lot of sense considering she doesn't seem to be responding to anybody (not just families in process).

The other thing that I can't keep out of my mind is, "What if she is completely bailing out?" You hear those horror stories of agencies that just shut their doors with no warning and leave families and children hanging in limbo. I don't want to believe that Lois would EVER do that to us (I know her heart), but I also know how desperate things can get when everything is going wrong.

Please, just pray that someone hears something from her in the near future. It's all very unsettling.



Anonymous 7:10 AM  

Hi Anita-

I hope you hear something soon! Isn't LVI in Washington? Didn't they have a huge storm and many have been without power since last week. I could be remembering wrong about the agency....

Good Luck!
Jennifer S.