Friday, December 01, 2006

Totally Off Topic, but news none-the-less!

Not many people know this about me, but I have a "thing" for mini dashunds. I adore them! Eric got me a MD puppy about a year before we got married and she was just the best dog ever! That year Eric had already graduated and was living 2 hours away from me, and I was living alone in an apartment for my senior year of college. Rippley (the MD) was truly my best friend! We lost Rippley to a seizure disorder about 4 years ago and my lap has ached for another mini dashund girl ever since.

The problem is that I REALLY have a hangup about paying for a purebread dog when there are so many dogs waiting in shelters! So we've always "adopted" our dogs, except for Rippley. It just feels better somehow to know that we gave a dog a home that really needed one. But still, my lap feels empty without a little dashund. =-)

I don't know if it's the feeling that Bright's adoption is still going to be quite a while, or if it's something else, but the last week I have been driving myself crazy with the dream of getting another mini dashund! My husband, who has a very hard time saying no to me, gave in last night. LOL! Today we found the perfect little girl and the perfect little price!!!! You can see how darling she is! She is a long-haired black and tan--9 weeks old.

I am so itchy to go and get her, but we can't even get out of our driveway because of all of the blasted snow and ice (2 inches ice, 10 inches snow)!!!! We're going to try again tomorrow and hopefully will be able to make it about 40 minutes away to pick up our new little girl!

Top name contenders are...

Tootsie (as in a Tootsie Roll, could call her "Toots" for short)
Prancer (like the reindeer, Prancie for the nickname)
Ember (as in DecEMBER)
Hershey (we eat a lot of this at Christmas time!)
Schatzi (german name, like the breed, means little darling)
Mitzy ( as in mittens)
Dascher (like the reindeer but with a "germanish" spelling! LOL!)

If you're snowed in and bored like I am, feel free to send your name suggestions to me!



Julz 8:33 PM  

did I say I vote for PRANCER yet?? Lovet the that it's Christmas.....
Holy Cannoli ~ did you say 10 inches of snow?!?!?!

Rachel 11:44 PM  

How about Tinsel? or Patience? (gotta have patience when your waiting during an adoption..LOL)

Christine 7:32 AM  

We're snowed in in KC metro. We have about that much snow here too. One car stuck and one with a dead battery.

I like Tootsie. She's a cutie.

Chanda 10:18 AM  

Aww...A new puppy just in time for Christmas...and isn't she so precious, too!!! How wonderful! Totally time for some puppy therapy (I'm a BIG believer in that). I hope that you are able to go get her soon - she is SO ADORABLE!