Friday, December 01, 2006

Snowed In

I bet half of the country can relate to the subject of this post! In Oklahoma we've just received a record-breaking winter blast. We hardly EVER get any sort of snow or ice in November and in the last day and a half we've gotten 2 inches of ice/sleet and 10 inches of snow. Some ares of Oklahoma got 2 feet of snow! On November 30th!

When we got up on Thursday morning the roads were bad with ice and I almost begged Eric to stay home so that me and the kids wouldn't have to get out in it to take him to and from work (I drive because he's almost blind). So he stayed home on Thursday, antsy the whole day because he felt like he should be there. I knew that because he stayed home on Thursday I would definitely have to get myself preped for getting out in this stuff today. Alas, it was not meant to be! We can't get out. Literally can't--as in our car is stuck in the driveway! I am determined to get out of here tomorrow to go and get our new puppy. And Eric is determined too, for his own reasons--he's run out of Diet Coke (he's a Coke addict--he he).

Last night before I went to bed I woke up the kids so that they could see how hard and fast it was coming down. Taevy looked at me and said, "Mom, I like snow but I think God has done enough for one day." LOL! So true! They were disappointed today when the snow was too dry to make a snowman, but seemed pretty content to roll around in it for a while anyway.

I like a good winter blast 2-4 times a year--which is normally what we get in Oklahoma (in March when we're ready for Spring). But this 7 degree stuff is over kill! I much prefer our "cold enough for a coat but not cold enough for frostbite" 40 degree winter days. =-)



Julz 10:39 PM  

Love the photos - looks like a lot of fun!! no snow here in the Bay Area, CA :-) we had a little last year - but nothing to write home about! LOL

Sue 9:51 AM  

Hi Anita,
I wanted to take a second to introduce myself. My name is Sue and we are also in the process of adopting. Our daughter is in Haiti.
I had to laugh at your post about your new little MD. I have always been a animal lover. I have 1 big dog and 2 cats. Every time I had a baby craving while we were going through our infertility treatments I ended up home with a new pet. This whole adoption I have been craving a lap dog, a tiny little cuddly companion. I have resisted, but I know how you are feeling!!! There's a certain comfort only pets can provide. Enjoy your new little friend!!!

p.s. I have related to your feelings so many times and in so many ways. Thanks for sharing your experiences and your adoption. Feel free to come on and read mine;