Saturday, December 16, 2006

Where oh where...

"Where, oh where is my fourth child at. Where, oh where could he be?" [To the tune of Where Has My Little Doggie Gone.] Woke up with in my head this morning and could help but to laugh at my crazy brain for thinking such a silly tune! LOL!

Our saga continues...

I've been assurred that AAI won't work with us (not by AAI yet, but by other parents). Of the remaining Ethipia agencies I still really like IAG (even with the bad reference I got from one person) and I also really like Dove International. However, we'd need around $8000K to get started with Dove (since we'd basically start by sending in our dossier) and "only" $5000 to get started with IAG. I liked both agency contacts equally. I hate that this might come down to money for us, but it might. $4000 more for fees from Dove DOES make a huge difference. The one poor reference from an IAG family isn't being ignored (really), but it still might be who we end up going with. They ARE getting kids home (even young babies). I can't ignore that.

Okay, so here's another thing. I can't believe I'm typing this. I feel so freakin' fickle!!! Someone posted about an agency that has a new program in Liberia with fees of $6500 and supposedly they have kids of all ages waiting. I wrote for more information. I just had to. After all, Ghana and Liberia are both West Africa and we do have a homestudy sitting her with "Liberia" stamped all over it! Eric would probably not agree to go to Liberia at this point (especially not with another "new" program) and I'm not sure I would either. But we'll see. The agency would have to answer a LOT of questions perfectly. =-)

Stay tuned. The next post might say we're adoptiong from Russia for all I know at this point! LOL!




Tiffany 2:04 PM  

Anita , If I may ask why not CHFS for their Ethiopian program, they have a list of waiting children and some with grants. I know that
you do your homework on agencies so I just wanted to ask. I am also trying to get my homestudy agency to approve me for two children in to seperate african countries. They denied me based on the space of my home but I will continue to fight unless they show me proof through the state that three kids can not sleep in the same room. I will say a prayer tonight for both our situations.