Friday, January 12, 2007

All Good Things

It has been an exceptional past few days and I wanted to take a moment to share all of the good things going on--some adoption related and some only remotely. =-)
  1. Eric has taken a new job! He starts on the 29th of January. It's a great opportunity for him, where he will be the lead developer at the company. His salary will go up a bit and the benefits will be much better. Also, there is a potential for a large bonus at the end of each year (which should be put to good use on our last adoption this year)! Eric's favorite benefit? The company provides lunch every day for all employees!

  2. There is a small chance I might start working in adoption again (from home). Everything is still very up in the air but even the possibility of it puts a spring in my step.

  3. I had a great phone conversation with Lois today! It's the first time we've really talked without tension since the big blowup we had in October. Everything feels back to normal and I am so grateful to God for the healing that has taken place.

  4. Our Application for Adoption has been turned in to the Director of Social Welfare in Volta Region, Ghana!!!! This is what we've been waiting for since September 4th! And if you remember, I posted a prayer request that the paperwork would be delivered safely because it would be sent via regular Ghana mail. Turns out that LVI's wonderful Edward in Ghana drove the documents the 3-4 hours to Ho to deliver them in person. Whew!

  5. Things seem on track in Ghana for our adoption. From ever indication, it seems that the Director of Social Welfare is really motivated to get these adoptions going! Ernest (Eugemot Orphanage) took the children for their medicals (part of the adoption process) but something was missing so he'll need to do them again. If we hear anything between now and the time when we have a court date it will be to share with us whether or not Bright "passed" the Social Services Investigation (where they meet with his surviving family and legally relinquish him). When I hear that Bright has been legally relinquished I will breath a huge sigh of relief! His father already signed an informal document to the orphanage indicating his wish for adoption, but it all has to be done again for the purpose of the adoption process.

Those 5 things certainly aren't all that is good in our life, but those are the highlights. Right now I am in a pretty good place with the wait to get Bright home (which means here in a month or so I'll be a mad woman again). =-)




Julz 4:09 PM  

Awesome news Anita :-)

Christina 11:58 PM  

Congrats to Eric on the new job! That's wonderful.
And great great news on the adoption front too... So happy for you. :-)