Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Annonymous Said....

In response to my "Hurt" post below "Annonymous" commented:

Well...mind your own business...

You know, my first thought was to delete your comment "annonymous"--especially since you didn't have the courage to sign your name. But that would go against the reason that I keep this blog. I keep this blog so that (1) I can journal about our adoption process and (2) so that maybe others can learn about various aspects of adoption, waiting, and sometimes just about my life. So when I screwed up and UNINTENTIONALLY hurt somebody I first apologized to that person. I went further and apologized "publicly" on my blog. I didn't hide it and pretend that it didn't happen. It would have been much easier to just keep it quiet and not admit that I had hurt someone. Especially considering that I didn't CAUSE this person the pain they were going through (that was someone else). I unintentionally added salt to a wound that was open--and I feel awful about that.
"Annonymous," you obviously know more about this situation than I posted publicly. I challenge you to step up and be brave. Write to me--anytime! I'm here. I'm open. And I'll always sign my name.


Nichole...aka Mia's Mommy 7:49 PM  

SIS, you and I have had many problems throughout our lives. ANd we have both hurt each other intentionally and unintentionally. Just blow this person off. Don't let them get to you. As long as the person that wa shurt is understanding please don't worry about what some outsider thinks..


Anita and Family 8:06 PM  

Nichole, I don't think I've ever hurt you intentionally. I wanted to respond to the comment, so I did. =-)

Love ya,
Big Sis

Jennifer 9:26 AM  

I hate those anonymous comments - I even turned off commenting on my blog for a while because, although people didn't write hurtful things, they wrote opinionated "advice" kind of stuff without signing their names and it is very hard to let those comments stay there - I too wanted to delete. I wish that if people wanted to speak into our lives they would at least tell us who they are. :)

Gardiner Family Blog Spot 11:55 AM  

I can't agree more with Jennifer.

I have never posted anything annonymous. I am who I am - opinions and all. We are all entitled to our own opinion. And unfortuantly ( i know i can't spell) people get hurt in the process.

I've been hurt many times because I unintentionally hurt someones feelings online. Interesting enough - it was quite a while back when I was on an infertility yahoo group that turned into/sprung out into an adoption group.

:) Hang in there!!