Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Christmas Blessings in January!

Look what I got from my friend Darren today?! This is Bright on Christmas Day 2006! These are two of the pics he got and he said he would send the rest tomorrow morning. I am so blessed to have these precious photos of our Bright!

Okay, just have to point some things out to you all that may not study these pictures (and all of the others) like I do. ;-)

1. Check out those stylin' sneakers and socks he's got on! Aren't they so cute? And his legs look nice and muscular--no edema that I can see.

2. Look at how much more in proportion his tummy looks to the rest of his body than in the pics I got at Thanksgiving. What a PRAISE GOD thing! Now (to me) he looks much more like a healthy and chunky little guy--not nearly as much Kwashiorkor look!

3. Check out those front teeth! At Thanksgiving these teeth were just beginning to come in (we could only see the bottom ones). And look at the adorable wide gap between them! LOL!

4. This is the BEST smile I've been blessed to ever see on Bright. You can tell that he loves him some Mama Eugenia!

5. Bright is wearing a onsie that I sent over for him at Thanksgiving. It's a 6/9 month size and looks a bit tight to me. Grow baby, grow!

Okay, I have to say this, just as a little funny. Eric (who doesn't see so great anyway) was looking at the pictures and said, "Mama E looks like Bright to me." [Check out those T-shirts and bellies! LOL!]

Now I'm off to go and "play" with these new pictures so that I can post them over and over again with new "looks." =-)

Happy Mommy,