Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Christmas Blessings in January (Part II)

This morning I woke up to 3 more new pictures of my Bright baby! They are "variations on a theme" with the first two, but I don't care. There are still plenty of new things to discover and observe from these three!
  1. Check out how small Bright looks in the arms of this man. The man's thumb is bigger than Bright's whole foot! [I think this man might be Mama E's other son, Ernest's brother, but am not sure.]
  2. Look at the nice, healthy role of fat on Bright's leg in the "man" picture. =-)
  3. I just love his eye brows! LOL!
  4. That is my friend Barbara's baby Deirdre in the background of the "kiss" picture. Isn't she darling?!
  5. I like that I can see Bright's profile in the last picture. Also, it's far away enough that I really get a good idea of his size. Also cool...I've stood under and touched THAT tree, right where my baby is sitting in this picture!

Thanks again to Darren for allowing me to see a glimpse of Bright's Christmas Day at Eugemot. Precious, precious gifts to me, for sure.




Momto13 3:56 PM  

Bright looks SO GREAT Anita! I love the new pictures. You can really sense his little personality and he is obviously OH SO LOVED! :)

Jasmine 6:21 PM  

Bright is so very cute!