Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Completely Off-Topic (AoH Group)

**UPDATED: Okay, thanks for the scoop you wonderful AOH folks! Rae, I'd love to "talk" to you more privately about Norwai. You probably know that Bright is overcoming malnutrition now, but our 5 year old son was, at one point, much worse off than Bright is (failure to thrive). I can give you a good idea on size comparisions between our sweeties too!!

And that's hard to do since I talk about pretty much everything on this blog! LOL!

So...here's the deal...I'm nosey. =-) I like my little "site meter" hit counter because I can see cool stuff like how people find my blog (from doing a google search for "bright adoption", or clicking on a link from a message I posted on a group, for example).

Today, I'm getting quite a few hits from the Acres of Hope (AoH) adoption group. Message 5962. Can anybody fill me in? I'm not on that group and just wondering how my blog address was referenced (hopefully it's nothing bad)! LOL!

Anyway, to all of you clicking over from the AoH group--welcome! =-D



Rae 2:36 PM  

it's my fault! i just emailed you why! ;)

Heather 9:35 PM  

I just tried to comment, but I don't think it worked. So here is try #2. I really appreciated your post today because I have a site-meter counter on my blog, but until now I had absolutely no idea that I could track those kinds of things! Thanks! :)

Anita and Family 9:40 PM  

Glad the post helped you out today Heather! I didn't know the counter did that either, until my sister told me. I think there's a little voyer in all of us, eh?!

Seriously though, the meter has helped me to identify some visiters from Nigeria/Ghana that were up to no good. Information is power! =-)