Monday, January 29, 2007

A little of this, a little of that... tell me the're really ready for me to have another GREAT BIG HUGE EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT post, aren't you? I know I am! Wish I had one. =-)

I did hear from Lois today via email. She got an email from the Director of Social Welfare "about a week ago" (which would have been a few days after we got Bright's medical) saying that she needed to send fees for something. She wasn't clear on what the money was for so asked for clarification but hasn't heard back from him since then. Lois has asked Edward (LVI's in country employee) to call the Director to get more information and hopes to know something in a few days. All this to say, I don't think we'll ever know what the director meant when he said recently, "It will all be okay next week" with regards to the Volta Region adoptions. Of course, I've learned by now that "next week" could easily mean "next month" or "next quarter" in Ghana. Africa time!

Thanks again for your comments and compliments about the crochet stuff. I'm still considering how I can go about using this time-exhausting hobby to fundraise for our adoption(s). For right now I'll pass time by practicing various projects and maybe building up a bit of an inventory of hats, bags, etc. You'll probably all get sick of me posting a picture of a project every time I have a new post! LOL!

Finally, in family news, Eric started his new job today. He LOVED it! I really think this might be the job that he's been waiting for. He's now the lead developer (he hates the term "boss) and will finally get to use his administrative skills. This company seems really laid back and friendly too. They provide lunch everyday (good lunch too!) and when Eric asked about the dress code his boss said, "Just make sure everything is covered that I don't want to see." Good bye "business casual" hello jeans and a pullover! Eric is in heaven. And it makes me very happy to see him so content. He's never found peace in a job yet, so I have high hopes about this place.

Thanks for checking in. Sometime soon I really do hope to have a whole entire post about adoption!

P.S. The hat above is my 3rd try. Turned out super cute (love that yarn) but it's a baby size so I don't have a kid to model it.


Jenn 11:08 AM  

i just read your post on the ethiopia adopt yahoo group on attachment. thanks so much for sharing the nitty gritty details of how you promote attachment with your children. i need to get my hands on the book mentioned.

we have two bio sons and have attachement parented/ grace based disciplined them. our oldest is 4 and we are so thankful for the hours we spent carrying him in the sling, co-sleeping etc. he is a confident and attached preschooler.

hoping for bright to soon know your outpouring of love. :-)

Anonymous 2:02 PM  

Two, please!

There are two young lads in Cleveland, OH who would look super in those hats :-)
Great job, Anita!
Jennifer S.

Anonymous 7:27 PM  

You could sell them at