Sunday, January 28, 2007

Passing Time--Part II

Thank you all for the positive feedback regarding the first hat I made. Now I'm posting pictures of my second try--a boy's or unisex hat. It can be left down to be like a "skull cap" or can be folded up into a cuff for a more traditional look. I think I will make it longer next time if I want to do a cuff though.

Samren, as cute as he is, just isn't as much of a hat person as Taevy is. I don't know why, but all hats look good on her! So here are pics of both of them with the hat. Off to try another pattern to pass the time....

WITH A CUFF (a bit too short)

WITHOUT A CUFF ("Skull Cap")

I really hope that the next several days of this blog aren't all about how I'm passing my time. I am MORE than ready for some sort of an update on how things are going in Ghana! I also hope to be able to join AAI's agency group this week. I know that will help our Ethiopia adoption to feel more "real" until we can get started.


Chanda 5:05 PM  

I love these hats!! And, you are finishing them FAST - Go you!

I think I'll definitely be requesting some "custom-made" hats for our kids in the coming months. I think all kids look really cute in hats!

Julz 5:08 PM  

Anita that's cute - and he is adorable, but SHE is more of a hat person. For some reason I think Girls tend to look better in hats anyways :-) Love it though.....when are you going to start selling???? Remember PROFIT needed!!

Heather 3:01 PM  

I just found your blog and I love it! If nothing else, I've found a few new things (crochet hats!) that I can do while I go insane waiting for my two kids to come home from Ethiopia. We too have been waiting a very long time and have had a very difficult journey. Oh, I also like your tickers and am going to have to pass some of my time in creating some new tickers for my blog! :)